Keep Your Oil Clean

Any truck or equipment operator will tell you that oil cleanliness is critical. Unfortunately, the moment you change the oil the contamination process begins.

That's why you changed the oil regularly - (often more than once a month) - to dispose of the abrasive particles and the corrosive acids which are too much for the standard in-line filter.

Although expensive, inconvenient, time-consuming and messy, oil changes still had to be carried out... until now.


KLEENOIL FILTRATION™ ensures that your oil (lubricating, hydraulic or gear oil) stays clean and well within operating specifications for up to 10 times its normal life. Generally, this reduces costly inconvenient oil changes to just once a year.

Eliminate Corrosion

In addition, the unique construction of the KLEENOIL FILTRATION™ cartridges eliminates all water, virtually eliminating all corrosion.


  Run All Your Equipment On Clean Oil All The Time!

New Technical Results On Diesel Engine Component Wear.
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The concept of recycling oil in a parallel filtration loop is not new, but now it is possible with the KLEENOIL FILTRATION™ system to filter out particles down to less than 1 micron. Compare that to the designed space of 3 microns between moving parts in an engine, and the standard in-line filter performance of 40 microns. Your engine has effectively been acting as a sophisticated stone crusher!

The KLEENOIL FILTRATION™ system is easily and quickly installed by approved mechanics. It comes in 3 standard sizes to cater to the needs of equipment capacity and working conditions. The system is in use in Construction, Mining, Trucking, Busing, Marine and in high use local delivery and pick-up trucks.

All KLEENOIL FILTRATION™ products far exceed the OEM Warranty specifications and requirements; and in most cases the filtration quality provided by KLEENOIL FILTRATION™ filters is 100 times finer than standard filtration, In addition, all KLEENOIL FILTRATION™ products are backed by a lifetime warranty which exceeds the working life of the engine and can be transferred from vehicle to vehicle.


Where parallel loop units are inconvenient or reverse flushing is required, a free standing off-line fluid cleaning and transfer dolly with it's own heavy duty electric pump is available. This can be used to recycle and reclaim oil gathered at central locations, and reduces both oil purchases and disposal costs.

KLEENOIL FILTRATION™ is now expanding it's operations within America. If you would like further information on our products or services please contact our representative shown below. Find out how you start saving time and money today.

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KLEENOIL FILTRATION™ has been serving the needs of maintenance professionals for over 25 years, in countries and working environments as diverse as Saudia Arabia, and Sweden, Australia and Canada, Europe and Chile, South Africa and Thailand, India and France, America and Mexico.

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