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Testing Procedure
  1. Run the system using the oil for 15 to 20 minutes or until the oil is warm.
  2. Check for leaks at connection points, and tighten up as necessary.
  3. Place hand carefully on top of the unit. If it is warm, it is working satisfactorily.
  4. If it is cold, something is wrong, the oil is not flowing as it should. Switch off the oil flow and check the connections are correct, and try again.


  1. Install the Kleenoil Filtration unit above the static level of the oil.
  2. Install the unit vertically allowing space for removal of the cartridge.
  3. For engines: Oil pressure points are located along the oil gallery, oil sending light, around the OEM filter housing.
  4. For engines: Oil return points are located at the pan, at dip stick connection access, or on any return oil flow lines.
  5. For hydraulics:
    Do not install a Kleenoil Filtration unit on a pressure line without some form of reduction valve package.
    The unit normally operates around 30 to 80psi. (The lid will crack at 147psi) Check first for cooler systems or case drains associated with pumps that operate at low pressures. (30 to 50psi) These will allow the Kleenoil filtration system to be installed into the oil flow without the use of reducing valve packages. Check with your operating manual if in doubt.
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